Local impact of gas tax

In an effort to provide support to local communities our Government has taken action through Canada’s Gas Tax Fund. 

In recent years, the Gas Tax Fund has been extended, doubled, indexed and made permanent. 

These improvements to Canada’s Gas Tax Fund provide predictable, long-term funding for Canadian municipalities to help them build and revitalize public infrastructure while creating jobs and long-term prosperity.

The Gas Tax Fund is providing Ontarians, including the constituents of SDSG, with stable funding that will have a tangible impact on their quality of life and the long-term sustainability of their communities. 

Through the Gas Tax Fund, municipalities across Ontario have benefited from close to $4.7 billion in predictable and flexible funding for local priorities since the program began.

Municipalities have been able to distribute these funds into drinking water, wastewater infrastructure, public transit, community energy systems, solid waste management, and local roads. By investing these funds in important local infrastructure we are creating jobs, promoting growth and building strong, prosperous communities across Canada, and right here in SDSG. 

As announced in Economic Action Plan 2013, the eligible categories for the Gas Tax Fund will be expanded and the Fund will be indexed at two per cent a year in $100-million increments, starting in 2014. 

This represents $21.8 billion in flexible, long-term funding for municipal infrastructure. 

This expansion will now allow municipalities to invest in projects supporting culture, tourism, sport and recreation; disaster mitigation; broadband communication systems; highways; short-line rail; short-sea shipping; brownfield redevelopment; and local and regional airports. 

In 2013 to 2014, SDSG municipalities have received the following funding to support its local infrastructure priorities: Cornwall – $2,819,953; South Glengarry – $395,094; South Stormont – $384,051; North Stormont – $207,639; South Dundas -$323,621; North Dundas – $340,339.

I am confident that Canada’s Gas Tax Fund provides long-term funding to help SDSG communities build and revitalize their local infrastructures.  

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