Whim taking Olivia Wright of Brinston to Miss World Canada pageant in May

Before this, Olivia Wright’s only interest in pageants was the Matilda Carnival Queen Contest.

“As a child, I always wanted to be in the Carnival Queen contest,” said  Olivia Wright, a 21 year old from Brinston. “But, the year before I was old enough to participate, the contest was cancelled, so I never had the chance. Maybe that drove my interest in this a little bit.”

Olivia applied to be a contestant in the Miss World Canada pageant, “on a whim” this past September. “I saw the ad online, and I applied. Mostly, I just did it for fun. I never really expected to hear any more about it.”

Olivia is the 21 year old daughter of Bonnie and Andrew Wright of Brinston and sister of Jessica Wright, Cherie Fawcett and Donna Zeron.

 A 2010 graduate of Seaway District High School, Olivia has since graduated from a public relations program at Algonquin College and is now studying international business abroad in Sweden. She is in the first year of a three year program.

While home in Brinston over the holidays, Olivia received an email telling her that her Miss World Canada application had successfully passed three qualification rounds of judging, and she was called for a telephone interview with the organization’s chairman.

“That interview was about 40 minutes, and for 30 minutes I was being judged on my personality alone,” said Olivia. At the end of the interview, the chairman was given Olivia’s picture, and then met with the board to deliberate.
“That night they contacted me and said that I would be one of the 40 delegates competing in Vancouver in May,” said Olivia. “I was a little shocked. I’ve never known anyone who has done this. I didn’t realize how big it was until I got accepted.”

“I am extremely honoured to have been chosen as an ambassador for our country, and to be linked with such a great cause,” says Olivia.

Miss World Pageant’s mandate is ‘Beauty with a purpose” and stresses the importance of inner and outer beauty.

The winner of the Miss World Canada Pageant will compete in the Miss World Pageant which takes place this year in London, England.

Now that she has made the cut, Olivia is very excited about the opportunities ahead of her. 

She sees the pageant as a great opportunity for networking and the fund raising portion of the requirements as a great opportunity to put all she has learned through her education into practice.

Her week in Vancouver will include all kinds of competitions among them, congeniality, swimsuit, fitness, and talents, leading up to the crowning.

Olivia is positive about her chances in this competition. “To get this far, the judges must think I’m what they are looking for. From what I’ve experienced so far, this is not so much a beauty pageant. It’s about being who you are. It’s about being a role model, about being powerful and smart. This experience shows me that the world is your oyster if you let yourself achieve your goals.”

While looking forward to the competition, Olivia’s focus right now is on the important fundraising aspect of the process. She is actively seeking sponsors to support her in her quest to become Miss World Canada. Sponsorship helps cover the cost of expenses including entry fees, dresses, flights and photos.

Any business or individual interested in sponsoring Olivia, or learning more about sponsorship, can contact her at ms.oliviawright@gmail.com or 613-652-2356.

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