Hope and optimism

The beginning of a new year always brings much hope and optimism. At a federal level, 2014 offers a great deal of optimism and hope for Canada, the constituents of SDSG, and all Canadians. 

I am very optimistic that during the next twelve months our country will continue on the road to economic recovery.

As we all know, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will be presenting the 2014 Budget in the next few months. 

I believe he will continue the prudent approach he has used in the 2013 Economic Action Plan. 

If I am correct, that means cutting the cost of government, paying down the deficit and encouraging small and medium sized businesses to invest in job creation. 

I feel it is wise to continue on the same track since it has resulted in the creation of over one million net new jobs since July 2009, and allowed our Government to drastically reduce the deficit.

Another reason for my optimism is the recovery that seems to be taking place south of the border. 

The US economy appears to be on the road to recovery and this will have a very positive impact on Canada’s economy. 

The improving American economy along with the widening exchange rate should auger well for Canadian businesses selling their product to the US. 

“Success breeds Success!” Once Canadians realize all of the above they will start seeing the glass half full. 

They will regain confidence in their employment and feel secure in making additional purchases, thereby growing the economy further and creating jobs. 

2014 is shaping up to be a great year!

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