Guidelines for donations so essential to House of Lazarus

House of Lazarus in Mountain relies on community donations to support their important mission of supporting the needs of the local community, through various projects and programs which include a food bank and thrift and household goods shop.

Funds raised through the thrift shop provide approximately 65 per cent of the organization’s annual budget.

“While we a re very grateful for donations, we have been experiencing an increased amount of unusable items,” said Pauline Pratt, executive director of the House of Lazarus. 

“Unfortunately, the costs of garbage removal has risen, and due to this increase, it is expected to reach $8,000 this year.”


Not wanting to deter the community from providing these valued donations that have been of utmost importance to the success of this organization, House of Lazarus officials have provided the following guidelines to help people deciding where they should take items.

In general, items dropped off for the House of Lazarus should be in good condition, functioning, with all necessary parts and free of stains or damage.

House of Lazarus is unable to accept: large floor model organs, furniture that is damaged or broken, items with parts or pieces missing, and large appliances that don’t work. 

Acceptable items for fundraising recycling programs include: electronics, clothing, and metal and these are gratefully received even if broken or damaged. 

A list of suggested donations is online at and anyone with questions about donations can call House of Lazarus at 613-989-3830.


Thanks to funds from the Ontario Trillium Foundation grant received, donations will be better protected from weather, theft and vandalism.  

Along with the drop off Shelter which will be built in the spring, the grant funds are also providing for a new security system and signage. 

Four O One Security has recently installed a camera and security alarm system and has donated the first year of monitoring. 

Because the auxiliary tent at House of Lazarus was destroyed by the heavy icy weather just before Christmas, the drop off area remains at the usual designated area in the warehouse building.

The House of Lazarus experienced a record number of visits to its food bank in 2013. 

Comparing 2012 and 2013, donations of food items from the community increased by about 10 per cent, but need rose at a greater rate. 

The House of Lazarus food bank handed out 25 per cent more food in 2012 than it did in 2013, meaning that they had fund food purchases of nearly $29,000 from the 2013 budget.

The success of the House of Lazarus Community Outreach Mission through various programs is reflective of the deep social concern of the members of the communities we serve and their determination to ensure that those living in poverty or experiencing a challenging  time in their lives have the support they need. 

Many view donating to Missions like the House of Lazarus as a way of investing in their community to reduce the impact of rural poverty.  

“Whether donating food, clothing, items or time and talent your support is making a difference in the lives of individuals, families and your community and is part of helping to develop a sustainable future. The House of Lazarus strives to be a voice and a leader in advocating for sustainable and resilient community  members and communities,” says Pratt. “On behalf of those we serve, our board of directors, staff and volunteers I would like to thank you for your continued support of the House of Lazarus.”

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