South Dundas deputy mayor first to file

Last week, the nomination process for the 2014 municipal election opened, and South Dundas’ incumbent deputy mayor was the first to make his re-election intentions official.

Deputy-mayor Jim Locke filed his papers for the position of deputy mayor January 3, 2014.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of serving as a member of council for the current term,” said Locke. “I attribute that to a council and dedicated staff all working together, not only to maintain, but also to accomplish the improvements that have taken place within our municipality.”

“I am proud of our record over the past three years and would look forward to serving another term if the electors so wish,” he added. “I feel that I have been an effective member of council.”

Locke served on the former Matilda council, but this has been his first term on council since amalgamation.

Other sitting members of South Dundas council have shown an interest in putting their names forward, but have yet to take the step of filing their nomination papers.

South Dundas councillor Evonne Delegarde confirmed that she intends to seek re-election to South Dundas council. 

“I picked up my nomination papers on Friday,” she said. 

Although she has picked up the papers, she has not filed, and will not yet reveal which seat she intends to seek. “I will file with the clerk within the next couple of weeks,” said Delegarde. 

This term of council is Delegarde’s first full term as an elected South Dundas councillor. She was part of the previous council having accepted a councillor  position appointment partway through the previous term of council, filling a vacancy left by the late mayor Charles Barkley.

Oftentimes in an election year, potential candidates, including incumbents, choose to wait until closer to the deadline to officially declare their intentions.

South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds has already said he will wait until summer to declare his intentions.

Other South Dundas council incumbents are taking a similar position.

South Dundas councillor Jim Graham, who is a two term councillor for South Dundas, said he plans to wait until June to let people know whether or not he will be running for re-election. 

“Running again means another four year commitment and I want to be sure that I can make that commitment,” he said.

South Dundas councillor Archie Mellan, who is a first term councillor, said, “It is just the 4th of January, of the new year. It will be an election year all year.”

“I have not yet made a 100 per cent commitment to seek re-election at this time,” said Mellan. 

He added that he will make up his mind, early this year, but just not yet. “Seeking election to the council of the Municipality of South Dundas is a time consuming and very serious position, and should not be taken lightly.” 

“I feel privileged and honoured to sit as a council member. I feel a lot of constructive progress has been made and a lot of worthwhile projects have been completed and/or started this term, yet there is still more to be done. So, when I do make my decision as to my re-election aspirations, it will be with the utmost thought and consideration that this position demands,” said Mellan.

The nomination period runs from January 2, 2014 to September 12, 2014. 

Candidates have until 2 p.m. September 12, to get their name on the ballot for election to South Dundas council, in any of the seats including mayor, deputy mayor and three councillors. School board trustee nominations are also being accepted. 

Until the deadline, candidates can withdraw their nomination or change the seat for which they have declared their election intentions. Election day is October 27, 2014.

The 2010 South Dundas municipal election attracted 15 candidates for five council seats. 

In that election, five candidates declared their intentions to seek election very early in the nomination process, by filing nominations papers in January.  No new nominations were filed until May/June when three candidates were added to the ballot. Two more filed papers in August, and right around the nomination deadline in September, five more candidates were added to the ballot. 

The mayor’s seat was most hotly contested with five vying for the chair. Only two ran for deputy mayor, and the remaining eight were seeking election to one of the three councillor seats.

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