Looking for Forever Homes

We suspect Lady, right, has been overbred and she may have some health issues. Lady is elderly (6 plus), and needs a kind and loving home for her senior years. This is one of those very, very sad stories…a dog that just needs to shown love in her final years.

Brownie 1.5 yrs, boxer mix, neutered house-trained. Very friendly. We believe Brownie was a family pet as he is trained and very good around people. He is ready to move right in to a new home and share all the love he has to give.

Yeller– 1.5 yr, male not neutered, needs house and puppy training, very friendly. Has great potential to become a loving family pet. A yellow Lab mix, we believe he is very smart and would be extremely easy to train.

Ice-Mix possible Burmese Mt/Shepherd, 8 month male not neutered, large dog, plenty of energy. Ice is a real happy go lucky boy, who has yet to learn that he is a big boy. He is very gentle natured but has a lot of enthusiasm. He is at an ideal age for training.

Suzy-Beautiful, mature (5-6 yrs) female Shepherd, very friendly & kind, well-behaved, completely trained. Great potential. Suzy is a beautiful, beautiful girl. She lived for four years with her original family and when the family moved they couldn't take Suzy along. The for one year she was with a family who just decided they no longer wanted a dog. Such are the sad stories. Suzy is looking for a loving, happy FOREVER home. Note: Suzy does not get along well with cats. She is in excellent health and would make an excellent addition to any family.

Interested in adopting ? Call Kevin at the South Dundas Animal Shelter 613-543-2980 or 613-913-1476

This is a public service column. The Leader accepts no responsibility for the dogs or the adoption process.

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