MP Lauzon on 2013

It is traditional at year’s end that organizations look back on its accomplishments. I would like to review my Conservative Government’s record during the past 12 months. We were given a majority government to create jobs and opportunities for Canadians, to support and protect Canadian families, and to put Canada First. 

I am proud to say we have concluded our most productive year with a record 40 bills being passed – delivering real results for Canadians. We made huge progress on bills that will meet our Throne Speech commitments. 

These include bills that: 

• combat harmful online harassment and exploitation;

• protect Canadians from unsafe drugs;

• support injured veterans with priority consideration for public service jobs;

• stand up for victims of crime;

• grant greater decision-making powers to the Northwest Territories; and

• make our prisons safer for our correctional officers.

This Parliament has also been marked by unprecedented success on the part of individual Members of Parliament, who advanced changes important to their constituents. I am proud to report that my colleagues and I have passed a record total of 19 Private Members’ Bills that have become law. As a matter of fact, since we formed government in 2006, a record 39 substantive Private Members’ Bills have received Royal Assent. 

This year we have delivered real results for Canadians by strengthening our economy, creating jobs and supporting families. We have created over 1 million net new jobs since the depth of the recession. We also completed the Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement which will result in $12 billion in trade and 80,000 new jobs.

Through a productive and hard-working sitting of the House of Commons, we have delivered real results by strengthening our economy, creating jobs and supporting families. Through historic breakthroughs such as the Canada-EU Free Trade deal, by standing firm with our allies around the globe, and by protecting and supporting families here at home, our Government sent a strong signal this year, to the rest of the world, that Canada will be vigorous in its pursuit of new policies and ideas in the service of Canadians. 

Have a very Happy New Year.

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