Ear nose and throat services now available at Winchester Hospital

Margaret Williams is 88 years old and says she definitely sees the benefits of having a hospital close by. “I’ve been to Winchester Hospital several times since I moved to Iroquois three years ago and it’s been great. I have had wonderful treatment.”

Most recently, her family physician referred Mrs. Williams to Dr. Darren Tse, WDMH’s new ear, nose and throat specialist. “I was thrilled when I found out that I didn’t have to travel all the way to Ottawa to see him. Dr. Tse was very helpful,” she says.

Dr. Tse is the latest specialist to provide clinical services to local communities at Winchester District Memorial Hospital. 

His ear, nose and throat clinic is located in the Dillabough Builiding. Dr. Tse also does surgery at WDMH, with short wait times. And he partners with Robillard Hearing Centre, which has been offering specialized hearing services at WDMH for two years.

“I like the smaller, friendly atmosphere at WDMH,” says Dr. Tse. “When I came to visit, it seemed like a great town with a great hospital.”

Dr. Tse went to medical school in England and completed his specialty training in Canada. 

He has also worked in research. “I like the complex anatomy of the head and neck. It affects how people function every day.”

“Dr. Tse’s services are another example of how WDMH is continually looking for ways to better serve our communities close to home,” notes Cholly Boland, CEO. 

“We’re pleased to have him here in Winchester.”

Patients should speak to their family physician for a referral to Dr. Tse.

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