OPP and Canadian Tire team up for an unexpected Christmas gift

An elaborate plan, resulted in an unexpected Christmas gift for 11-year-old Cody Broadfoot of Winchester, here December 23.

Cody had his bike stolen from his Church Street residence weeks ago, reporting the theft to police December 11. Police, with the help of a tip, recently recovered the bicycle. 

They arrested and charged 20-year-old Jessie Quesnel of Morewood with the bicycle theft, along with other thefts in the Winchester area.

“People see that arrest as justice, but all too often the victims of the crimes don’t really get any justice. They still lost something,” said Teresa Lauzon, of the SDG OPP. 

When police recovered Cody’s bike, it was literally in pieces. Police tried to reassemble it, but found they could not, so they took it to the Morrisburg Canadian Tire Store, to have it reassembled, in hope that they could return Cody’s repaired bike to him in time for Christmas.

Canadian Tire staff tried to piece the bike back together, but instead decided to donate a new bike to Cody.

Learning of this good news story, Lauzon hatched an elaborate plan to surprise Cody with the new bike.

Lauzon, who teaches Cody as part of the in school VIP program at Winchester Public School, told Cody that they had found his bike, but that it couldn’t be repaired. She said he was really upset by the news, but tried to hide his disappointment. She told him that as consolation, she would take him on a ride along, hopefully to lift his spirits.

Cody and Lauzon went into the store, and Cody grabbed a jug of fluid. There he was met by Canadian Tire Store manager Brian Shaver and supervisor Adam Casselman, who showed Cody his old bike in pieces. They then surprised him with a new bike.

A shocked Cody, could only say, “Okay.” 

“This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Canadian Tire,” said Lauzon.

“It’s just nice to be able to help out, especially at this time of year,” said Shaver. “It’s sad to see something that someone has worked hard for just taken away from them.”

Before leaving the store, Lauzon purchased a bike lock for Cody’s new bike.

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