Final sweep for 2013

As promised, we have an update on results of the first half of the curling year. But before that, our thanks to the curling club executive and especially our ice technician, Wally Baker, whose prompt attention to an ice crisis is much appreciated. 

Our compressor broke down, and while waiting for the part and the replacement of it, games had to be cancelled, as the ice was out. Three days later, curlers were able to get back to curling, though we could see the outline of the brine lines through the ice surface that remained. Great recovery, folks!

Now to the curling: the Thursday morning mixed league wound up with the team of Jack Barkley, Keith Robinson, Bud Perry and Kevin Minish winning the Bank of Montreal trophy for finishing first in league play. Our thanks to the Morrisburg Community Living Association for supporting Kevin, one of their residents, in his desire to curl with us. Jack has been a great encouragement to Kevin at the rink, and for this last draw, Bud Perry arranged for Kevin to get a special small trophy with his winning team’s names on it. Kevin’s laughter and obvious pleasure at these outings has been a delight to us.

Curlers and their guests enjoyed the banquet catered by Subway, and Ruth Kelly, our hard-working coordinator, arranged a Christmas Quiz, complete with prizes for the winning team. The “quiz whizzes” were Sam Locke, Alice Thompson, Doug Jarvis, Linda Murphy and Philip Vinokuroff. The next draw begins on January 2, with several curlers missing, since the “snowbird season” is upon us.

The senior men finished their draw as well, with the team of Sid Morrell, Karl Duncan, Keith Robinson and Al Gowanlock winning the Bowman Trophy. Curling continues for them and all other leagues on the first week in January also.

The ladies, who partied on their last night, do not announce winners for their draws, and the Thursday night competitive league announces their results at the end of the year. Tuesday night men’s league results and those for Friday night were unavailable, and we’ll get those later. 

Because of cancellation for compressor problems, a tight league finish could delay results for the present. 

There are three rentals over the holidays, and Wally will be doing more work on the ice, including a much-needed flooding, so aside from the New Year’s Eve party and bonspiel, there’s nothing else to report until January. 

Next month we have a Parnell competition for the senior men, in Cornwall, as well as a bonspiel at our club for seniors. 

In addition, teams will be out to several clubs, including Navan, Granite and North Grenville. Another two-person bonspiel is scheduled, and of course our little rockers will be out in January as well.

See you then!


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