MPS kids light up WDMH wish tree

Tuesday, December 10, dozens of donors, patients, staff, and visitors gathered to watch the 16th annual Christmas Wish Tree Lighting Ceremony, hosted by the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Prior to the Tree Lighting, children from Morrisburg Public School, escorted by Vice President Seniors’ Services, Joanne Sidorchuk, and volunteer, Elva Rutters, visited patients in the Complex Continuing Care, Medical/Surgical and Maternal Care units. 

They gave out hand-made “Empathy Cards” and sang Christmas carols together.

In addition to the traditional lighting of the Christmas Wish Tree, Foundation staff released a Chinese flying lantern, symbolic of the losses that everyone experiences.

Troy Cross, WDMH Foundation Executive Director, spoke to those in attendance, acknowledging that the individuals they chose to honour and remember played a large part in their lives. 

“Today we join together with you to pay tribute to them in a special way. Not only have they touched your lives, but through their lives, they have touched the lives of everyone who requires health care here at WDMH, since the gifts designated by family and friends in memory of your loved one will help shape the way that care is delivered in this hospital.”

More than $22,000 has been donated in memory and in honour of loved ones at this point, which includes more than $2,000, which has been given in honour of staff and cargivers at WDMH. 


Regional sponsors have really committed to doubling the impact of donors’ gifts this year, by providing $22,500 to match the first $22,500 given to the program. Last year, this program raised approximately $75,000 for the highest priority needs at the Hospital.

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