Dogs Lookin’ For Forever Homes


Tee-Jay-Five year old, Rottie, not neutered, good health, house-trained. Friendly, happy boy. TeeJay is a ready made best friend. He is very friendly and loves to romp and play. Is in good health. A little bit older, he is a great companion for a familly who would like to skip the puppy training.

Brownie- 1.5 yrs, boxer mix, neutered house-trained. Friendly, good natured. Brownie is a beautiful boy. He is a calm dog and eager to please. He likes to play and has lots of energy.


Yeller– 1.5 yr old puppy, male not neutered, needs house and puppy training, very friendly. Yeller has a lot of energy and definitely is in need of training in the manners department. This is mainly due to his young age. He is a yellow Lab mix and would certainly learn quickly to earn his spot in any family scenario. Anyone interested in Yeller should be prepared to work with a dog that is a good sized but is still very puppy-like.

Ice-Mix possible Burmese Mt/Shepherd, not neutered, 8 month male. Ice is still a puppy and he is a puppy that is going to grow into a large-sized dog. He has a great loving attitude and is very happy go lucky. Due to his size and young age, he doesn't quite understand his own strength…so he does need puppy and manners training. With the right kind training and a loving family, Ice will grow into a gentle giant of a boy.

Suzy-Beautiful, mature (5-6 yrs) female Shepherd, good-natured, friendly, well-behaved, completely trained. Even anyone who has never considered a Shepher as a pet, would have a hard time walking away from Suzy. She is soooo affectionate and with her older years she is very calm and easy going. Suzy is in really good health, and like to run and play even with the young ones at the shelter. A great family companion for someon who isn't interested in getting into puppy training.

Jack… is a mixed breed dog possbly with some Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd or Collie….he has the golden retriever colouring but not the retriever ears. A young dog, about 1.5 years old he is not neutered. He has a great temperament and we suspect he would be great in a family with children. Again, a dog that may need some puppy/manners training, but again a breed that learns very quickly and is eager to please.


Interested in adopting ? Call Kevin at the South Dundas 

Animal Shelter 613-543-2980 or 613-913-1476


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