New SDG Warden’s priorities: Education, improvement and technology

December 6, over 200 people packed United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Council Chambers to witness the inauguration the youngest Warden in its history.

Twenty-six-year-old North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan was nominated as 2014 Warden by North Dundas deputy Mayor Gerry Boyce. South Dundas Deputy Mayor Jim Locke seconded the nomination, council supported it. Duncan replaces Bill McGimpsey in the seat at the head of county council.

Duncan was proud to have his former school principal Brenda Whitteker (pictured right, with him) speak at the ceremony. Not only is she connected to his education, which he values so much, but she also has a strong connection to municipal government, her father, Johnny Whitteker, having served as SDG Warden and on council for over 50 years.

“In the room just behind these walls hang the pictures of 160 men and women who have stepped forward, taken the oath, and served these United Counties,” said Duncan. “When I look at the names and the achievements they have made in their public and professional lives, I am so humbled to join their ranks as Warden.”

Leading any council during an election year can be challenging, but Duncan is planning for a year of “tackling issues, making progress and getting things done.” His plans are to move SDG forward through simple but effective means. Three key pillars set out by Duncan for his first term as Warden – education and the pursuit of knowledge, continual improvement and embracing technology. 

“To show taxpayers in SDG that we are serious about addressing the challenges we face head on. That we are innovative. That we are forward-thinking. All while respecting the fiscal restraint needed as always,” he said. “I love what I do, and I am thankful to be in this job every day. And that is because of where I live, the people around me, and the amazing things that we have going for us here.”

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