Lakeshore Drive paving put off until spring

Weather, among other factors, threw a wrench into the plan to get a first lift of asphalt put down on Lakeshore Drive this year. 

Friday, the contractor working on the Lakeshore Drive sewer project was on site doing some grading work, but Chris Bazinet, manager of public works for South Dundas, confirmed that the planned first course of asphalt will wait until spring.

“I met with the contractor earlier this week,” said Bazinet. “They will get the grading done, but the road will remain gravel until spring. Basically, the contractor ran out of time to get it done.” 

Bazinet explained that this snow event and cold weather did cause concern from the municipality about the quality of the first lift of asphalt if it is put down now. Because of this concern he felt it would be prudent to leave the stretch of road gravel for winter.

Another factor in this decision was that some potential storm sewer issues were discovered during construction. They would like to investigate those further. 

South Dundas, along with the Counties of SDG who are partners in the storm sewer project, are going to have some camera work done over the next couple of weeks. The results of that investigation may mean that the section or roadway they had planned to pave this year would have to be dug up again in the spring. 

Rather than risk asphalt quality issues and possibly dig up new asphalt in spring, South Dundas officials decided it would be more prudent to wait.

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