Union Gas grant is directed to ongoing alarm program

South Dundas Fire and Emergency Services is proactive when it comes to ensuring its residents are protected with a proper working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

SDFES runs a program, whereby its members go door-to-door visiting homes in South Dundas to test smoke detectors, to help homeowners/tenants ensure that they are properly located within the home, to provide new batteries, and if needed to provide homeowners, one time, with a free smoke alarm. 

They too inspect carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are installed properly in an optimum location, and are in working condition. These have been mandatory in South Dundas since 2011, in any home with a fuel fired appliance or an attached garage.

Fire chief Chris McDonough explained that this ongoing program has never been about fining people for non-compliance. It is about ensuing that they are properly alarmed, which is an essential, life-saving, first line of defence in an emergency.

So far this year, South Dundas firefighters have visited 170 homes. 

“It is a very successful program,” said McDonough, adding that the homeowners are very receptive to it and that the firefighters love helping out their friends and neighbours with important advice.

“This is a hugely important program,” said McDonough, adding that the winter and the holiday season is the highest risk time for fires, especially in single family dwellings. 

Since the inception of the alarm program, the number of residential fires in South Dundas has decreased.

Each year, Union Gas searches out worthy community programs and provides them with grants in support of their efforts.

They selected the SDFES Alarm Program as one of those worthy community initiatives, providing it with a $2,000 grant. 

“As a company, our focus on safety doesn’t end with the work day. We believe in investing in programs that will help make our communities safter 24/7,” said Jake Lapierre of Union Gas. 

“South Dundas Fire and Emergency Servicdes continues to actively promote fire safety throughout the community with the door-to-door campaign. We are very pleased to receive this generous donation from Union Gas,” said Chief McDonough.

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