Perspectives by Rev. Janet Evans


Time to Prepare

When we first moved to Morrisburg at the end of July, nothing could have prepared us for the major construction project in progress on Lakeshore Drive.

“Lots of dust, pipes running across the lawn and some noise which I didn’t even hear after a while: these are what I face every day. 

I also totalled my car one morning which resulted in a few injuries. Now I own a new vehicle which I am afraid to drive, so my husband takes it to work each day.

Sometimes it is difficult to prepare ourselves for various things that advent into our lives. We were on vacation recently and swam with dolphins. Nothing could have prepared us for such an amazing experience.

Nothing prepares us for sudden death by accident or suicide, being diagnosed with a chronic illness or having another person stab us in the back whom we trusted.

We can prepare for some events, however. 

In a few days we will begin the Advent season in the Church year. Advent is a time to ready ourselves for the coming of the baby Jesus into our hearts and lives. We prepare ourselves for His humble birth, and we prepare ourselves to spread Christ’s message of hope, peace, joy and love with our brothers and sisters everywhere.

In Advent, we await the miracle of God’s Son. He comes to earth and teaches us the value of life, the wonder and beauty of life, the joy of caring for each other. This is the true gift of Christmas, and has nothing to do with purchases or wrappings. It belongs to all of us.

Advent is a time for preparing ourselves for the greatest story ever told, the story of the Jesus who would one day offer light, guidance, inspiration and eternal life to all people.

Jesus is friend, teacher and Saviour. He cherishes us, and we will never fall out of His compassion. Let us give thanks that we are His people. Let us remember how very blessed we are.

Rev. Janet Evans, 

Williamsburg United Church,

Lakeshore Drive United Church, Morrisburg


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