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A Special Gift

Boy, is there a lot to do to get ready for a baby! From the moment we knew the baby was coming Sarah started to read about all the different things she would need to do in order to be ‘ready’ for our first child. She borrowed books on childbirth, read about what to expect in labour and how to care for a newborn, and started buying the necessities such as a car seat, some diapers, and clothes for our little one (all too early in my opinion). 

But the list of things to do somehow seemed to get longer, the more she checked them off! 

When you’re a parent, you get lots of advice, both wanted and unsolicited, and we quickly realized we were going to have to make up our own minds on what would be best for us and our child.  The decision making had begun, even before he was born! 

We had to decide a number of things, such as whether to use a doctor or a midwife, who would be allowed in the room for the delivery, and, most importantly, what would this child’s name be once he/she was born?

Every decision brought the reality of this child’s life a little closer to home for us: he was real and about to become a big part of our lives!

As the Christmas season approaches, there is a lot of hope and anticipation that builds up, just like when you’re expecting the birth of a child.  Many times, when you read the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth you try to imagine what it must have been like for Mary and Joseph.  

But as we discovered in our own experience, the reality of the situation often doesn’t match up with what you anticipated. Baby Jacob arrived and the joy was more then words could express. 

Unlike the socks I got for Christmas last year, the only thing that will never disappoint is the joy of knowing God’s gift to us – his son Jesus.

As we move quickly towards Christmas, it’s my prayer that you and your family would take a moment and celebrate the joy of the greatest gift ever given. Mary knew this gift in a way we can only imagine.  The gift of Jesus then is still the greatest Christmas gift ever today, and will not disappoint. 

Rev. James Tripp

Morrisburg Pentecostal 



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