Iroquois Students in Sport Stacking Challenge-Guinness record set


B. McNairn-Leader staff

IROQUOIS – The hallowed halls of learning became the hallowed halls of stacking at Iroquois Public School last Thursday, November 14, as the Iroquois students became part of a Stack Up! group determined to set a new Guinness World Record for “Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day.” 

And it was mission accomplished as the record of 483,658 was passed quickly when the counts began to come into Stack Up! headquarters. 

The number of people stacking at multiple locations in one day has now topped 500,000 with some groups yet to report in. 

Once all numbers are in and the Guinness paperwork is completed, Iroquois Public School ‘stacking’ organizer/teacher Pamela MacIntyre-McAlear (Mrs. Mac) will apply for the school’s customized STACK UP! Stamp of Approval to document Iroquois Public School’s participation in this year’s world record setting event. 

Just after 1 p.m. last Thursday, every student at Iroquois Public School could be found stacking one thing or another; the kindergarten classes stacking away in the gymnasium and the remaining classes stretching out in the hallways. 

This was the fourth year Iroquois Public, under the stacking organizational skills of Mrs. Mac has participated in the event. 

“We stack anything,” said Mrs. Mac. “From pots from the garden, to books to Frisbees, you name it and we’ll stack it. We have over 300 stackers stacking here today for one half hour.” 

Pictured above is some of the ‘sport stacking action, beginning with a stacking lineup down the school’s main hallway; picture two shows Benjamin Lewis stacking wood blocks; picture three includes stackers Peyton Fitzgerald and Logan Garlough, with stacking helper Jacob Garlough (behind); and right is Jacob White, stacking some mighty big cups.

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