Curling Chatter-Off to a new fresh start


MORRISBURG–Last week three more senior men’s teams were off, this time to Cornwall, for a Friendly match. Keith Brannen won with his team of Sam Locke, Dave King and Lynn Loucks. Pete Zeran, Glenn Cougler, Paul Gunther and Jim Bancroft also won, while John Wilson, Karl Duncan, Keith Robertson and Wayne Pulfer tied their game.

Also in Cornwall for a one-game spiel were Sid Morrell, Raymond Benoit, Neil Williams and Bud Perry, winners in their match, while Pete Zeran, Jim Banford, Larry Ware and Earl Jeacle lost theirs.

Dave King, Jack Barkley, Rick MacKenzie and Doug Jarvis brought home steaks from a Gananoque bonspiel. Our fellows defeated a Kingston team in the morning and a Perth foursome in the afternoon to finish second overall.

Susan McIntosh took a team to Brockville. With Kathy Norg, Joanne Baker and Claire Locke, the ladies dropped their morning match to a Kingston foursome, followed by lunch in Brockville’s classy dining room. Then it was back out onto the ice against Ann Chick of Brockville, where they fought to a draw.

Four more of our ladies were at a Richmond bonspiel, this time for lunch and dinner. Alice Thompson, Susan McIntosh, Betty Locke, and Sharon Van Allen lost to Carleton Heights in the morning, and in the afternoon they played a team from Ottawa’s R.A. Centre. Our folks curled better than in their first match, but lost by three points. 

The stick bonspiel last Wednesday was a great success. Thanks to Glen Cougler for organizing it again. Also, thanks to those who assisted in the organization, food preparation, serving, maintaining the ice and tending bar. 

Kemptville, Winchester, Navan, Cornwall, Maxville, Cornwall and Morrisburg were represented. The Don McIntosh foursome from Winchester won the $80 first prize, with Malcolm MacGregor, also from Winchester, second, and Ted Herriman, Keith Robinson, Kathy Johnston and Sandra Murphy of our club, coming in third. 

In the late draw, Virginia Cunningham of Kemptville finished first, while Keith Brannen, Arnold Barkley, Eric Johnson and Bill Laurin of our club were second. The high one-gamers were from Winchester, skipped by Don McIntosh.

For the senior men, the first Parnell, which is the competition for Morrisburg, Iroquois, Cornwall and Lancaster teams, goes on Friday. Playoffs for our single entry were held last Tuesday between Dave King’s foursome and that of Sid Morrell. For the record, the tight match saw Dave King, Jack Barkley, Doug Jarvis and Sam Locke emerge victorious over Sid Morrell, Neil Williams, Andy Patenaude and Bud Perry. 

Good luck to the winner on Friday, and we invite all to come out and cheer on our champions.

The Ontario senior winter games are upon us again, and curling being one of the events, we hope to see a good crowd out to cheer on our local champs. 

For the first time in several years, the Zone 8 Championships are being held at our club. These are mixed games, and our two representatives are Andy Patenaude, Sue McIntosh, Neil Williams and Betty Locke, and Raymond Benoit, Cheryl Thompson, Pete Zeran and Ruth Kelly.

Saturday’s training session went well, and three of the people who showed up are now club members. Thanks to our coaches. Also, we’ll have the results of Sunday’s two-person bonspiel next time. 

That’s it for this week,

Good curling to all!


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