Williamsburg library comeback progresses

Council, for a time, at the November 5, meeting got bogged down in the details of a plan to expand the Williamsburg recreation building to include library space. 

But in the end, regardless of the details, they all agreed to a motion that moves the Williamsburg libary project forward. 

Design work will be completed to get the project ready for tender. 

In that design work, the lowest cost option that will achieve the library board’s required minimum of 800 square feet for the library branch, will be the option pursued.

The consensus of council is that the job needs to get done and get done properly, but as inexpensively as possible.

CAO Steve McDonald, pointed out that normally, construction costs are estimated at about $150 per square foot, but added that the Dunbar recreation building cost about $118 a square foot.

The net revenue from the rental of the old municipal building to TR Leger School is about $25,000 annually and will be used to offset the cost of the addition.

It was pointed out that this project will bring a library back to Williamsburg, but also provide community space for the village.

At the end of council’s discussions on the matter, South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds turned his attention to the audience, many of whom have been actively working towards bringing a library back to Williamsburg, and said, “We are trying to get you a library.” 

He pointed out that council is committed to making this happen and asked for patience in the process.

The audience applauded.

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