Floating 2014 for new dock

The standing proposal for the Morrisburg and District Lions Club to install finger docks at the Morrisburg waterfront has undergone some minor changes.

Although the club had hoped the project would have been done for the past boating season, the original supplier felt that product would not be suitable for the application, so the club was sent looking for a new supplier.

They have selected a new supplier, but there have been some minor changes in the proposal that needed approval of the Morrisburg Waterfront Advisory Committee and South Dundas council before the purchase could be finalized.

The warranty on the new system, which is more suitable for commercial application, is less than the original proposal, at only five years. The new system will also require some concrete work along the shoreline for mounting purposes.

As in the original proposal, the Morrisburg and District Lions Club will cover all costs for the purchase, delivery and installation of the finger docks, will cover all costs to build/install access to the docking facility and will work with the municipality to obtain necessary approvals and permits.

The docks will become the property of the Municipality of South Dundas.

The Lions Club plans for the installation of the 48’ dock to take place in the spring of 2014.

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