Perspectives by Rev. Norine Gullons



People and institutions are always changing. We are always in a state of transition it seems.

We make the transition from fall to winter – although maybe grudgingly. 

Our families change as deaths, births, marriages, divorces and illness occur. 

Our local community changes due to the social and economic pressures of our time. 

Our country changes as our governments strive to protect and provide for all of us.

Transitions are processes. They are not goals. It is not a product that we consume. It is even a bodily process and not only emotional or intellectual or even a spiritual one. 

The very cells in our bodies are changing and making transitions and renewing themselves every day. Yet we remain recognizably ourselves. 

As much as any of us living here is part of a community, faith or otherwise, at the same time we always have to be open to making transitions, and not be afraid of that six letter word- CHANGE.

We all know what happens when we have stability without change. We become stagnant. We curl up in our favourite chair. The chair is called  “this is the way we have always done it”!

Communities of faith – churches – are transitioning too.

We need to be fully aware of the effects of our culture on the church as we are part of that culture outside of the church buildings. 

Perhaps the real scariness of the changes in our lives lies in admitting that God can work in each of us however, whenever, and through whomever or whatever means that God chooses.

Our faith in God is not a one size fits all kind of faith. This has to be worked out by each individual whether you are part of a faith community or not. This is a daily and life long process. Change is about seeing ourselves and the ordinary people in our families and the people who surround us every day and seeing them in a new light. 

It is good to remember that it is not about us, and it is always about God!

Rev. Norine Gullons

Sth. Dundas Evangelical

Lutheran Parish


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