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I know Thanksgiving is over.  We celebrated that special day just two days ago.  Now, here we are getting on with life, and we have probably forgotten all about what we had to be thankful for then.  

However, may I suggest that we have much to be thankful for today.  In fact, may I even suggest that we change the word from “Thanksgiving” to “Thanksliving.”  Just one letter changed, but a world of difference in how we view life and yes, in how we live life.

I am reminded of an old hymn, ‘Count Your Blessings’. The words are as follows,” Count your Blessings, Name them one by one, Count your Blessings, See what God has done, Count your Blessings, Name them one by one, And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.”  

Indeed, when we pause to reflect on life we don’t have to look very hard to see how blessed our lives are, especially here in Canada.  When I was a child, I remember an older Gentleman in our church suggesting that we change the words to that hymn.  

His rendition went like this.  “Count your blessings, Name them two by two and It will surprise you, What the Lord will do.”  

He certainly had a point.  We often get so caught up in trying to accumulate more, that we end up forgetting to be thankful for what we have.

How much different would our lives be if we started each day with Thankfulness for all that God has blessed us with.  I know some may now be thinking, what has God got to do with it.  Why thank God?  

Well, I know you believe it is your hard work and ingenuity that has made it possible for you to have what you have.  May I tell you that it is God who has given you the ability and the strength to do what you do.  Please don’t make the mistake of putting yourself in the place that only He deserves.

 So as we walk or work to get rid of the extra calories, we have consumed or the extra pounds we have gained from Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie, may I suggest an attitude adjustment.  

Instead of celebrating one day a year, what we are blessed to enjoy, let’s go from ‘Thanksgiving’ to ‘Thanksliving.’

It may surprise you how God has blessed you and continues to do so.  In fact, why not pause right now and give Him thanks for your family, for your health, for all of His goodness to you,  including, giving His Son to redeem you from sin.   

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