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As I sit here at my desk in the bay window, my mind is on so many things that I can’t seem to move forward. The way I see it, that’s not a good way to start holiday time. But then perhaps that’s precisely the time to begin holidays.

When you read this Dave and I will be on holidays. We will have a chance to visit our son and his family in southwestern Ontario. We will be taking some time to get together with friends we haven’t seen for some time. 

And of course, the highlight of this time of rest and relaxation will be the annual cleaning of the chimney!

My husband, like so many others I know, has an extreme dislike of heights. He gets uncomfortable on the first step of a two-step step stool. So needless to say, I get to climb onto the roof of our house, chimney cleaning brushes in hand, and I clean the chimney.

There have been many people who look at me and shake their heads wondering why on earth I would do that. 

Well, truth be known, I love climbing onto the roof of the house. There is a sense of freedom that I get when I am high above the ground – although on the roof of the house I’m not that high above the ground since it’s a bungalow. 

I love the feeling that I get when I can stand up and look at the surrounding countryside. I see so many things that I can’t see when my feet are planted on the ground.

As a kid I loved to climb trees – the higher the better. The feeling that I got was probably not unlike the feeling the builders of the Tower of Babel got when they felt that they were approaching God. The excitement, the peace in my heart and the freedom are some of the feelings I would experience. 

In my mind being that close to God, having one of those “thin” times was always part of the climbing experience. 

Coming down to earth was not always easy – sometimes it was painful. Regardless of how painful the return was, I never lost my desire to climb, to go to places higher. 

I guess that’s why doing the outside part of the chimney cleaning is not a chore for me. Besides, it’s the easy part. Dave gets the mess and challenge of the inside part with all the soot!

Cheers, Sue+


Rev. Sue McCullough

Anglican Parish of Morrisburg, Iroquois & Riverside Heights


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