Nuance of recently drafted wind resolution gains council support


South Dundas council was not prepared to declare the Municipality of South Dundas as ‘not a willing host’ to industrial wind turbines, when a local wind opposition group pressured them to pass such a motion less than three months ago, but on October 1, South Dundas did take a stand regarding wind power.

Council agreed to support a resolution drafted and tabled by South Dundas deputy mayor Jim Locke, which declares that the Municipality of South Dundas will not support any future proposals for wind power generating until the supply and demand for electricity generation demonstrates a need.

Council, with the exception of South Dundas councillor Archie Mellan, who did not vote on the resolution due to a declared conflict of interest, unanimously supported the resolution presented by Locke.

“I will support anything that might slow things down and make them (the province) take a look at the energy situation in this province,” said South Dundas councilor Jim Graham.

“I support this. I am, not a willing host, at this time,” said councillor Evonne Delegarde.

“This is not, a not a willing host designation, this is somewhat different,” said South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds. “I can stand behind this,” he said, suggesting that the council supported resolution be forwarded to the Premier and Minister of Energy. 

“We need to tell the Province to take a look at the energy mix, and make it work better,” said Byvleds. 

While Byvelds says this is not a ‘not a willing host’ designation, the coalition of unwilling host municipalities is now counting South Dundas as one of 71 communities who are unwilling hosts, according to an October 6 press statement.

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