Youth drop-in centres open in South Dundas


The people who bring Early Years programming to communities across Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, have quietly been offering new youth services across Dundas County. 

In late summer, the Dundas Youth Centre opened its doors in Winchester at the new Winchester Community Care Building. And, since September 6, staff from the Dundas Youth Centre have been hosting a drop-in nights at the Iroquois Civic Centre.

While the Dundas Youth Centre in Winchester is gaining in popularity, with 27 area youth participating in last week’s Fear Factor night, the Iroquois site has yet to have anyone drop-in.

“We are hopeful we will see a few out this week,” said Carrie Van Allen, who supervises the programs.

Staffing the Youth Centre are two well-qualified program facilitators, Sean Whelan and Kaitlin Herfkens. The drop-in nights at the Iroquois Civic Centre are for all area youth ages 9-17. They take place every Friday from 2:30-5 p.m. Games, cooking, movies, arts and crafts, sports activities and theme nights will take place.

A Morrisburg drop in site will be added to the program schedule starting October 7. Initially, they will be open from 2:30-5 Mondays and will take place at the South Dundas Municipal Centre. They already hope to expand the hours in Morrisburg from 5- 8 p.m., but are awaiting confirmation of space availability.

The Youth Centres, Early Years Centres, Learning Centres and Youth Programs are all part of the community services provided, free of charge, to residents of SD&G by the GIAG.

GIAG’s youth program mission is to provide safe haven free of judgement and biases for youth.

GIAG aims to provide opportunities for youth to participate in activities, make positive life choices through mentoring, and to develop social and life skills that encourage personal growth. While assisting youth in becoming responsible and productive citizens, building positive relationships between youth and community is encouraged.

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