Basket Case owners expand into antique and collectable market


Gallery 59 Antiques and Collectables opened this week in the Morrisburg Plaza.

The 2,400 square foot store represents the development of another retail opportunity owned and operated by Hanna Rycroft and Carl McIntyre. They too own Basket Case Café Gallery and Gift Shop, which is also located in the Morrisburg Plaza.

Rycroft explained that they love the antiques and collectables. Spurred by their enjoyment of the Antique Festival, which was held this year for the first time in the Morrisburg Plaza, they wanted to create some place permanent to set up an antique shop of their own. 

The store is a multi-vendor market, presently stocked with the wares of five antique sellers. Four are local and one is from Montreal. 

Carl and Hanna’s contribution to the stock on display represents 270 items and counting. “Everything in here is for sale,” she said, though admitting there are a few pieces she is a little reluctant to part with.

The Basket Case simply didn’t have room to house all of the retail opportunities that they want to provide for Morrisburg shoppers, so they rented another store.

Hanna hopes it will be so popular that they will need to expand again, into another store. 

“Wouldn’t it be nice to make Morrisburg a destination for antique lovers,” said Rycroft.

The new store will not change anything for patrons of The Basket Case, according to Rycroft. 

The Basket Case will remain a 40 seat café, in its present location. 

“We like it that way. It’s small enough that we can still prepare our food from scratch and personally serve our customers,” she said. 

It will continue to be stocked with newer items than the antique shop, and will continue to provide space for local artists and artisans to sell their work.

Gallery 59 Antiques and Collectables is a store that Hanna hopes people will feel comfortable dropping by just to have a browse. 

“There’s no obligation to buy, and there’s no hurry,” she said.

She plans to host events such as book signings and demonstrations at the store to make it an active place.

The store’s grand opening event will be an open house on Saturday, October 5. Everyone is welcome. The ceremonial ribbon cutting will take place at 11 a.m.

The first book signing event will take place at the store October 12. It will feature the work of two local authors. Lisa Lalonde Bouche will be signing her children’s book Cally and Jennifer Debruin will be signing her book A Walk With Mary.

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