Outhouse races and other successes make up for rainy weather at Harvest Festival


“Other than the weather, Harvest Festival was great,” said David Lapier of the Williamsburg Community Association, the group that has organized the annual Williamsburg Harvest Festival for 22 years. 

The rainy day impacted only a few activities, such as the model plane exhibit and parade car show entries. 

It may have had an impact on crowds, but overall, Lapier says the event was great.

“The outhouse races were hugely successful,” said Lapier, who was a little surprised by their popularity.

Five teams entered raced in the inaugural event, but more importantly, a huge crowd of about 150 people came out to watch the race. 

“And, that was at 9 a.m.,” added Lapier.

“The success of those outhouse races is something we will definitely build on for next year,” he said, adding that they are likely to move them closer to midday.

Friday night’s movie night, which included a wagon ride, was the best attended movie night ever and the contests were also hugely popular. 

“We had the most contest entries this year than we have had in years,” said Lapier.

The kid’s colouring contest was won by Trevor Backes, Lilly Lewis and Brianna O’Neil, with honourable mention to the youngest artist Averie Merkley (2).

The heaviest potatoes were submitted for judging by Leah Barkley (1st), Brianna O’Neil (2nd), Cameron Stewart (3rd); largest zucchini: Margaret Westervelt (1st), Gerrit Westervelt (2nd), Barry Casselman (3rd); tallest corn stalk: Brooke Waddell (1st), Dylan Waddell (2nd), Brenda Toonders (3rd); largest sunflower: Emma Hess (1st), John Bern (2nd), Barb Richmire (3rd); largest red maple leaf: Hailey Steward (1st), Louise Richmire (2nd), Mary Richmire (3rd); reddest maple leaf: Emma Pemberton (1st), Mackenzie Buter (2nd).

The best decorated porch honours went to Laurie Van Hoof and best decorated bench to April Richmire.

The best decorated bicycle contest was dominated by the Steward family. Hailey Steward won, with Abby Steward placing second and Kurtis Steward winning third prize. 

Bonnie Haner, John and Cathy Young and Cathy O’Brien were trivia contest winners.

The harvest poster contest winners included; in the youngest category – Abby Steward (1st), Louise Richmire Kylie Schell and Jenna Richmire; in the middle category – Hailey Steward (1st), Kloe Lewis, Kyra Lewis, Hillary Van Moorsel and Mary Richmire and in the top age group – Brianna O’Neil (1st), MacKenna Kyle, Martina Lewis, Zoey Van Hoof and Mary Richmire.

Parade winners in various categories included Sarabeau Stables, Lyle Van Allen, Sandy Marcellus, Brianna O’Neil, Williamsburg B.P.S.C., David Wells, and Terry/Francis Henderson.

The prize for best decorated outhouse was shared by Go-Team and Green Apple Quick Steppers.

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