Deputy mayor takes action on wind power


A September 11, Canadian Press report regarding the province of Ontario and its contracts with wind power generators inspired South Dundas deputy mayor Jim Locke to draft a motion for South Dundas council to debate at their next meeting.

The report explains that wind power generators are being paid by the province not to produce electricity.

According to the report, Ontario has had a surplus of power since 2006, and that there are current signed contracts for approximately 5,800 megawatts of electricity, though only 1,500 megawatts are currently connected to the grid.

Locke read the following to his fellow council members at the September 17 council meeting: 

Acknowledging the fact that the Municipality of South Dundas is currently hosting a project consisting of 10 turbines with the capacity of 30 megawatts, which was approved prior to legislation giving the municipality the opportunity to support or not support hosting such a project, I make the following motion: 

Due to the fact that Ontario has a considerable surplus of electrical generating capacity and only 25 per cent of the current wind power generating approved contracts are currently connected to the power grid, the Municipality of South Dundas hereby declares that any future proposals will not be supported until the supply and demand for electricity demonstrates a need.”

South Dundas councillor Jim Graham was eager to second that motion, as he has on many occasions stated his displeasure with Ontario Green Energy Act.

“I feel, as a member of council and as a responsible citizen, the time has come to do something about this situation,” said Locke.

“I am not anti wind generation,” Locke told The Leader, explaining that based on the given facts he simply could not support any wind power application in South Dundas in the future, until supply and demand in this province dictates a need.

All members of council will have the opportunity to speak to the motion when it is debated at the next regular South Dundas council meeting.

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