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On Tuesday, September 3rd , 2013, Seaway students were welcomed back to school. Some of us were excited and willing to start a new school year, and others not so much.  

First thing in the morning, we went to an assembly where Mr. Gardiner welcomed all the students to a new school year and went through all the school rules as well.  Mrs. Thompson encouraged all the students to participate in a couple of ice-breaker activities, like:  the stretching race, and rubbing the shoulders of the person you were sitting beside.  After that we watched a short movie that Mrs. Gilmour made called “Where’s The Staff”. It was a spoof on the idea of coming back to school.  Then we watched a slideshow of pictures of the teachers and their families, some of it was really funny. 

As the students exited the gym, the teachers helped distribute specially made Seaway pencils to each student. This was a welcome back gift to get us moving in the right direction.

WEB and LINK Leaders were front and center all week.  The students participating in the WEB and LINK wore their florescent t-shirts to show the Grade 7’s and Grade 9’s who was there to help them on their first day of school.  It was great to see the grade 12’s and grade 10’s have lunch with their buddies, pointing them in the right direction for classes and scheduling surprise visits just to see how they are doing. This is really a great program!

Wednesday, the first cross country tryout was held by Mrs. Henderson and Ms. Mac. There was a great turn out, with some of the regulars and many new faces as well.  The kids who showed up to the tryout ran a 3 km run to the Iroquois beach, by the boat houses, by the tennis court and back to Seaway. It was beautiful weather on Wednesday, so it was a perfect day for the cross country tryouts.  Thursday the school photos were taken in the gym.  Boys’ volleyball and girls’ basketball tryouts are soon as well. 

On the September 27th, we are having a Sports Day and Terry Fox walk.  On Sports Day the student body can sign up for a morning and afternoon session to participate in one of the variety of sports that are offered. 

Last year we had a blast doing kayaking, tennis, cycling, soccer, and many more activities. The teachers are already looking for sports that we would be interested in trying, so if you have any ideas let Mr. Thompson know. 

To honour Terry Fox our whole school will walk around the track as many times as we can in the time we are given.  We will have music playing outside and a snack stand where everyone can pick up a snack while they are walking the track.  From September 23rd to September 27th students can buy paper running shoes that they can decorate and place the name of someone who is or has suffered from cancer who has touched their lives.  These shoes will be put up around the halls, and we see if we have enough shoes to make it all around the school in the wallway!  All money made by selling these shoes will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research.  

Overall, the first week at Seaway was quite busy and successful.  It sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic year at Seaway District High School! 

by Mackenzie Whyte

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