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Fall Transition

I don’t know about anyone else but it is hard making that transition from August into September. Most of this time has to do with the weather. We should be glad for the quick change in the temperatures as it really elbows us into moving forward into the fall season. It does make some people give up their favourite summer pastime though – like swimming in the river.

I think too, it is the call back to structured days and the skill of disciplining our time. 

There is an “art” to family life. There are the necessities of getting to bed at the right time, preparing school lunches for the next day, making sure clothes and school books and signed forms are ready to go out the door all at the same time in the morning. This takes a certain amount of co-ordination. 

Teenagers have left for colleges and universities. The house feels quiet again as their energy and enthusiasm for life are left behind in small traces like a nice perfume that lingers around in the air.

We hope and pray that these students are blessed with an eagerness to learn, respect for others, love for nature, happiness when things are easy and a-keeping-at-it-attitude when things are hard, and of course their faith in God. We hope this will be a good school year for all and that the youth of this our community may discover the gifts they have inside of them to be used for good in the world that surrounds them.

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