Butternut trees blocking road extension project


Yet another, obstacle is impacting South Dundas’ project to open up access to municipally-owned commercial property in the Morrisburg Industrial Park.

Unlike any potential planning obstacles, this roadblock  is much more tangible.

Eight butternut trees will need to be cut down for the project, which is now at a standstill, to continue.

These eight trees are in the direct path of the new roadway.

Butternut trees are endangered, so work has been stopped while South Dundas officials follow the necessary Ministry of Natural Resources guidelines in place for the protection of the trees.

South Dundas chief administrative officer Steve McDonald told council at their September 3 meeting that they are in the process of applying for a permit to remove the trees.

He explained that removal of the trees requires a compensation plan to plant other butternut trees in a new location and that they be monitored.

According to information on the MNR website, it generally takes about three months, from the time an application is submitted, for a decision to be rendered.

“Obviously, we are hopeful this process will be expedited,” added McDonald.

With fall coming, any delay to the project is worrisome, confirmed South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds. 

“It is an unfortunate delay and hopefully we can resume construction shortly,” he said.

According to McDonald, the financial implications of the delay, at this point, are minimal.

“The contractor has completed all the work they can,” he said, adding that South Nation Conservation is assisting South Dundas officials with the application process.

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