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It’s that time again!  The summer has flown by and the 2013-2014 school year is here!  Tuesday, September 3rd marked the first day of this school so hopefully everyone was prepared…staff, students and even the parents!

Hi, my name is Shannon van Moorsel, and I am a grade 12 student here at Seaway.  I love to be involved in things going on around the school such as the sports teams, activity days and Student Council.  I am a proud Spartan!!

Before school had officially started, there were already many exciting things going on at the school.  For the second year in a row, a group of grade 12 students, including myself, took part in a two-day training course to be Link Leaders for the upcoming school year. 

 Link leaders are the mentors for the grade 9 students joining our Seaway family.  Link leaders ran the grade 9 orientation day on Thursday, August 29th to welcome them and hopefully break the ice for their first day of high school.  

Many thanks to our great teacher supervisors of the Link leaders, Heather Thompson and Lilace McIntyre!

Along with the Link leaders, we also have a new group put together by Lindsay Waddell and Rodney Benton called WEB, “Where Everyone Belongs” consisting of grade 10 students who are mentors for the grade 7 students who are entering Seaway Intermediate.  They also had two days of training and ran grade 7 orientation on Wednesday, August 28th.

Seaway is a busy place and activities start right away.  The first sports to get underway are girls’ basketball, boys’ volleyball and cross country.  Sports teams are a great way to be involved with your school and are also a lot of fun!  Be sure to listen to announcements and make it to the tryouts!

I hope everyone enjoyed a fun, relaxing summer and are ready to get back into the swing of another school year!  

Now, how many days are there until the Christmas Break??!!

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