Williamsburg Baden Powell Scouts have had a succesful year


The Senior Explorers of the 1st Williamsburg Baden Powell Scouts Council, would like to  give thanks to the community for their support of donations of time, money, supplies and food. These all helped to make this past scouting year wonderful! 

We would also like to express our need for more leaders.

We are thankful for all the people who have donated their time to help cook, supervise and participate in our events.  Without them we would not have been able to have these events.   As well, we thank all of the people who shared their skills with us, expanding our knowledge of marksmanship, radio mechanics, backpacking, map reading, and planning.  With your help we have accomplished much more than we could have ever imagined.

Thanks to everyone who attended our community fund raisers. 

In November, we volunteered to help the Morrisburg Canadian Legion sell poppies.  It was fun participating in an event planned by someone else. It definitely helped us for the months to come, when we had to plan and organize our own fund raisers.  

One of those events was the CHEO Clown Carnival, which we had to plan, decorate, advertise and run.  We held it for all of the local children, at the I.O.O.F Hall in Williamsburg, raising money for CHEO’s therapeutic clowns.

Firewood sales, Betsy Bingo and car washes are other fund raisers we have run to help raise money for our scout group.  The money raised was used for new equipment like water purifiers, and for funding camps such as our July trip to the Barron Canyon in Algonquin Park.

BP Scouts Council is not allowed to own any property, so our group relies on the support of our community to provide spaces to use like the Riverside Recreation Hall, the United Church of Williamsburg, the I.O.O.F Hall and private properties like Chateaus and Cedarwood Pond.  

For example, after hiking through beautiful swamp land, snow and ice, coming to a cabin is great!  Even if the moose we saw on the way in was pretty cool, and the dog sledding was fun, it’s always nice to have somewhere nice and warm to end up.  Getting to watch the sunset, while standing on the ice outside, is an amazing experience that wouldn’t be the same anywhere else. As well, canoes, and gear for camps have been lent to us, which helps keep costs down.  

For all of these things we thank you very much!

Thank you for all the donations of food.  We very much appreciate the delicious bacon. The food was excellent: it warmed us up on a cold morning or cooled us down on a hot afternoon.  It was easy to pack, so excellent for hiking, and filling enough for just a snack (teens are always hungry).  Thanks to Iroquois Foodland and Whitteker Meat Market.

This coming year we find ourselves short of leaders for our growing group. 

Senior Explorers, the oldest level (ages 14-18 and co-ed), are looking for a leader, preferably female, but not limited to female.  Sr. Explorers are more independent than the younger groups and plan their own camps, events and meetings. A leader would be there to help guide us and supervise us.  

A lot of our activities are outside, so a fair knowledge of outdoor safety is preferred/recommended.   Someone who can tell the weather better than our last leader, who thought tornadoes while hiking and hail while canoeing were ideal weather conditions.  

If you can tolerate: kids (teens); cold, hot, sometimes burnt food; camping; canoeing; taking pictures and having pictures taken of you, you are ideal for the position.  A sense of humour for most things is always good, and common sense (to make up for the lack of ours) are the main things we are looking for.  We can all cook well at camp, so if you show up to camps we will feed you extremely well.  We already have one experienced leader, so no experience is necessary, just enthusiasm.  

If you are interested in joining our vibrant group please contact us through our website at www.1stwilliamsburgbpsc.com

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