Sewer re-construction likely to span a year


The $2 million Lakeshore Drive sewer project was scheduled to get underway this week.

With this project, and the upcoming sewer project for the St. Lawrence Street area, those driving in Morrisburg can expect to see construction detours for the next year.

For those living in the affected areas, they will see no interruptions in water or sewer service.

Temporary water lines have already been put in place. 

Because there are a lot of unknowns in an underground project, Chris Bazinet, manager of public works for South Dundas, says that there may be some minor interruptions in water service, but they would be site specific. Those affected would only be affected for a couple of hours and would be notified directly.

During any sewer project, waste is diverted (pumped/rerouted/piped) around areas where work is taking place so there are no service interruptions. 

Bazinet explains that in the case of this project where the sewer lines are being replaced, the old line stays in service until the new one is ready.

Detour signs will be going up to divert traffic away from construction.

Because there will be two sewer reconstruction projects going on simultaneously the detour route will change occasionally.

“Traffic from Ottawa Street will be diverted to St. Lawrence until minor repairs are done on Second Street. At that time, the diversion goes to Second Street,” he explained. “It will be signed,” he added. 

Even though the Lakeshore sewer project is taking place from Canada Way to almost Steward Drive, which is the only route to the Morrisburg dock, Bazinet says they will make sure there is always one lane open to allow traffic to get to the waterfront.

The project, which will see sewer, water, sanitary sewer, paving and sidewalk infrastructure re-constructed, is starting at the intersection of Ottawa Street and Canada Way. The contractors, Cornwall Gravel, will work their way west, as quickly as possible to get as much done while the weather permits. 

Once weather ends their progress, the priority then becomes the completion of the new sewer line that ends near Steward Drive.

Prioritizing the sewer line portion, is necessary to ensure that South Dundas takes full advantage of the government funding they received for this project. That funding, which requires completion of the sewer portion, must be used by March 2014. “And, it will be,” said Bazinet.

Bazinet asks the public to please be vigilant in staying away from the areas where construction is taking place, for the safety of the public and contractors.

Bazinet expects final paving in affected areas to take place in summer 2014.

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