Mayor impressed with new home


While a grand opening celebration of the South Dundas Municipal Centre is not expected to take place until the entire project is complete, the mayor did have some comments as South Dundas staff moved into the new municipal headquarters this week.

South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds is impressed with the completed second and third floors of the building. “It’s great,” said Byvelds. “There is lots of space and the new council chambers will provide enough space, even for the meetings with challenging issues.”

“The staff floor is laid out well and I am sure they will be happy with their new surroundings.”

“I believe the best thing about this project will be the collaboration of the St. Lawrence Medical Clinic and the SDG Library all in one location,” said Byvelds.

Byvelds also noted the importance of using this historic building that will serve the community well for generations to come.

He admires how in Europe heritage buildings are looked after, and even after WWII were rebuilt into places that are functional, to keep the past in mind. This is something that Byvelds believes this project has accomplished.

The mayor is pleased with the contractors on the project, RJ Bourgon, through Chris Markell. 

“They have done a great job of staying within budget, with the exception of a few minor changes we asked for, and they have kept the schedule tight,” said Byvelds. 

“In the end, I believe we will have restored an old building to its former glory and made use of space that is needed in our community,” he concluded.

The second and third floors of the South Dundas Municipal Centre opened for municipal business Wednesday morning.

The elevator is not yet in service, so those attending the building are asked to use the south entrance until further notice. For those unable to access the second floor without the elevator, service will be provided on the first floor, according to the CAO. 

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