Moving day has arrived


Tuesday, contractors were putting the finishing touches on the second and third floors of the South Dundas Municipal Centre.

Moving to the new offices in Morrisburg starts today, August 21. Next week, the Municipality of South Dundas will be open for business, on the second floor of the newly renovated former high school building.

When the Municipal Centre opens for business August 28, Don Lewis, South Dundas manager of buildings and recreation, expects that the alternate entrance, being the south entrance to the building, will have to be used until the addition, which houses the main lobby and elevator, are complete. 

The first regular council meeting after the move is scheduled for September 3. It may not take place in the new council chambers, that are located on the third floor of the SDMC.

The room is ready, and furniture is expected to be delivered on time, but if the front entrance and elevator are not ready in time for the meeting, they will have to hold the meeting in an alternate, accessible location, according to South Dundas clerk Brenda Brunt. Many alternate, accessible options are available including the Iroquois Civic Centre, Matilda Hall and the Morrisburg Arena.

The first floor of the South Dundas Municipal Centre building, which will house the Morrisburg location of the St. Lawrence Medical Clinic, is not yet complete, but the SLMC plans to be open and operational in its new home early in September.

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