Long time boundary road issue resolved


Almost five years of intermittent discussions between South Dundas and Edwardsburgh/Cardinal have finally resulted in a boundary road agreement that both municipalities have now endorsed. 

The new agreement, which has already been approved by Edwardsburgh/Cardinal council, was last week approved by South Dundas council at the August 13 regular meeting.

 It allows either municipality to complete construction or reconstruction work on boundary roads in consultation with the other, however cost sharing will not be a condition precedent.

The new agreement looks at each of the boundary roads between the two municipalities and proposes changes to road maintenance responsibilities to a couple of those roads. 

South Dundas will take over maintenance responsibility for Marine Station Road. 

The ratepayers from this road, who all pay taxes within South Dundas, years ago had petitioned South Dundas for road improvements. However, in the past, those improvements fell under the jurisdiction of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal.

This new agreement eliminates that issue, and now South Dundas council members say they are looking forward to using their control over that road to make improvements in the area. 

As part of this agreement, Edwardsburgh/Cardinal takes over maintenance responsibilities for the Safford Road. 

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