Seaway Changes Graduation Date


A tradition several decades old will come to an end at Seaway District High School in 2014. Graduation October 11, 2013, will be the last one held in the fall for senior students.

“Our graduation committee has considered switching to a June graduation exercise for the class of 2014 and beyond. We have decided to make this change,” said principal, Terry Gardiner. “This change has been made to facilitate student attendance at the graduation  exercises and to align our practice with other schools in the Upper Canada District School Board.”

Friday, October 11, 2013, the last graduation on the Thanksgiving weekend will take place. In 2014, on a date to be announced later, graduation will be held in June. 

“Graduation is one of the highlights of our school year,” Gardiner said. He emphasized that the ongoing support of businesses and the community has always been very important to the school. “We hope that (businesses and organizations) will be able to continue supporting our graduates, and the fact that we will be having two graduation ceremonies in closer proximity to one another will not pose a problem.” 

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