Costs up year over year

Micro-surfacing, a fairly new road surfacing technology that municipal officials see as providing good value for money, is a little costlier this year than last.

South Dundas council awarded the tender to the lowest bidder for the nearly 16 km of roadway planned for this year at the June 18 council meeting. 

The almost $460,000 worth of work represents a 13.3 percent price increase year over year, according to the report presented to council by Chris Bazinet, South Dundas manager of public works.

Two companies submitted bids. Duncor Enterprises Inc. was the lower bidder. Their bid was over $10,000 less than that of Miller Paving Limited, the company who has done all of South Dundas’ micro-surfacing so far.

Roads slated for micro-surfacing include Pigeon Island, Prunner Road, Zeron Road, Flagg Road, Waddell Road and the east end of Seibert Road.

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