ODHA is now HEO


On June 8th, 2013, at the ODHA Annual General Meeting, a motion was passed by the delegates to change the name of the “Ottawa and District Hockey Association” to “Hockey Eastern Ontario”, commencing July 1, 2013. 

The name change will become more consistent with what is used by the other Branches across Canada; it will clearly define the area serviced and will provide for increased marketability and branding opportunities.

The Ottawa and District Hockey Association was founded in 1920, by Captain Edward Archibald, and is one of thirteen Branches of Hockey Canada. 

The participant base consists of associations, leagues, players, coaches, trainers, officials, and volunteers. The ODHA has jurisdiction over that part of Ontario lying East of, and including the counties of Lanark, Renfrew, and all of Leeds (except the town of Gananoque and the portion of Highway No. 32 and south of Highway No.15 in the Province of Ontario. 

The ODHA is the voice of all its members and participants at the Hockey Canada level. As a not-for-profit organization, the ODHA is guided by a Board of Directors.

The objectives of the Association are: To promote and improve the sport of Amateur Hockey within the territory under its control; To secure the enforcement of the rules of the game as adopted by the ODHA; To conduct elimination competition for the different Association Champions as well as Challenges for

Inter-Branch and Canadian Championships; To adjudicate on all questions arising from and pertaining to Amateur Hockey within this Branch of Hockey Canada

A new logo depicting the name change will be produced, and unveiled at a later date.

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