Jimmy Tschoumy


Jimmy Andre Tschoumy of Calgary, Alberta, formerly of RR2 Iroquois, passed away suddenly July 2, 2013. He was 52 years of age.

Jim attended Seaway District High School and, once met, was considered a close and compassionate friend by all. Jim loved life, as he did his family, especially his son Jordan who remembers him as “the best dad ever”, his siblings and his parents Andre and Jean.

He loved fixing or finding out how to fix things, was known to ask endless questions about almost any subject and treated people with deep respect, curiosity and compassion.

Jimmy had an incredibly inquiring mind that delved into almost any subject, from complicated mechanical operations, to how to simply better bait a hook for fishing. Whatever made it work better was better, “whatever works” was even better.

His was a genuine smile, and it almost always creased his face. He had an insatiable sense of humour, always wanting to find something on the light side of anything dark.

A gangling sort of youth, Jim turned into a tall, handsome blonde-haired man whose presence alone lit up a room. He was strong and lithe and had a “get ‘er done” attitude at whatever chore faced him.

He loved family, the outdoors and nothing better than a campfire where the flickering light would glimmer and twinkle off his eyes, emphasize his smile and depict a man who loved life, who would look longingly at the fire, then at the stars and clouds above and then back at the fire before smiling a comfortable sort of smile, knowing it was all, somehow, connected.

Jim is survived by his son Jordan of Calgary, his parents Jean (Geesien) and Andre Tschoumy of Iroquois, Ont., brothers Andre of Iroquois and Jeff and Carolynn Tschoumy (nee Little) of Olds, Alberta, sisters Linda Salma (nee Tschoumy) of Edmonton, Wendy (Neil) Cameron (nee Tschoumy) of Campbell River, B.C., Nancy Kilpatrick (Dwayne) (nee Tschoumy) of Olds, Alberta and several nephews and nieces.


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