Timothy Christian celebrates its 50th anniversary


The members of the Timothy Christian 50th anniversary organizing committee won kudos from the hundreds of people who turned out June 28-30 to celebrate the school’s accomplishments and to share memories and good times. “We had 60 people drop in to our memorabilia night on Friday,” said TC principal Gary Postma, “and another 125 attended our car rally and ball games on Saturday. Our celebratory dinner at Matilda Hall on Saturday evening drew a massive crowd with 300 coming out. On Sunday morning, the Christian Reformed Church was packed as 400 worshippers joined in the service. The organizing team just did an incredible job. We seemed to hit all the right notes with our 50th anniversary celebration: lots of good vibes and lots of compliments on the press coverage and all the events. It was just a great occasion for everyone.” The organizing team gathered beneath the theme of the gala Friday evening. In front are Audrie Pol and Art Pol, chair of the TC board, who gives much credit to the hard work of the team. Behind, l-r, are Bill Byker, chair of the committee, Wes Douma, Margaret Ten Brink, Gary Postma and Andrew Bouwman.

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