Report: South Dundas is short-staffed


 South Dundas is short-staffed by about seven full time positions according to the staffing review presented to council at the June 18 meeting.

The review compared South Dundas to other Eastern Ontario municipalities of similar size. 

Most of the short-staffing is at the administrative level. 

“Most of our managers do their own administrative work,” said South Dundas chief administrative officer Steve McDonald who completed the review. He explained that managerial staff are spending much of their time with administrative duties like typing letters, when if they had appropriate help they could be working on more important tasks.

“The shortage of administrative help has been discussed on numerous occasions and our current space has restricted our ability to have the assistance required,” said McDonald who recommended that 1.5 new positions be created to coincide with the relocation of the municipal offices to the South Dundas Municipal Centre. And a 0.5 position be created in the planning and enforcement department to focus on bylaw enforcement.

Council concurred with the recommendations. 

Other departments identified as short-staffed include the treasury department and the recreation/facilities department.

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