Dougie Perry


A lifelong resident of the Iroquois/Brinston area, William Douglas Perry, passed away suddenly on Thursday, June 20, 2013. He was 46 years old.

Born on March 30, 1967, at Winchester District Memorial Hospital, Dougie was the son of Buddy and Mary Perry who were living in Cardinal at the time, with Dougie’s big brother, Timmy then 11 months old. 

Soon after Dougie’s birth, Buddy and Mary purchased their first family home in Brinston, and the family grew with the birth of Michael and then Melinda.

Brinston was a happening spot in the 70’s and 80’s, and the Perry kids were added to the mix. The Bennett boys, Paul Plante, Jody, Dennis and Julie, Bingham and Maryann, Reggie, the Strader boys, Eldon and Steven. To say that the house was busy was an understatement. 

Mary and Buddy had their hands full, both working full time and raising four young kids. Thanks to great neighbours like Mrs. Bailey, Lorne Strader, and Maddy Macdonald the Perry kids made it through.

Dougie was unique among them.  A little blonde-haired boy, he had a glint in his eye that some might mistake for mischief–but no one could dispute his irresistible charm. Dougie liked to ride his bike and run around outside.  He played minor hockey where he developed his skills as a goalie.  Dougie enjoyed playing baseball, too.  Like his dad, you could find him at the Brinston ball park  well into his adult years. His baseball career took him on other adventures that included great times in Niagara Falls.

Dougie attended school at Dixon’s Corners, Nationview and Seaway. A social animal, he loved to stop and talk and laugh.  He always had a lot of friends and many of those friendships have lasted over the years.

Dougie made many trips to Nova Scotia, to visit Mary’s family.  Many a summer, Mary and Judy would pack the six kids in a pick up truck and make the 16 hour drive to the east coast. 

Dougie loved the Maritimes.  Unleash him from the vehicle, and he could run on the beach,  swim and play from sunrise until sunset. 

Dougie loved to fish and he loved summers spent with his grandparents, aunts and uncles. After finishing high school, he packed up and moved down east to try his hand as a lobster fisherman. 

Dougie also loved Brinston, so much so, that when he returned to Ontario, he returned to Brinston. 

And so began his career in floor installation. After working for Fred Harper for a short time, he went into business with his big brother.  Timmy was the owner/operator and Dougie was the apprentice. Doug “Minnow” was his mentor and Kenny Sullivan the expert. 

Dougie’s passion for fishing was rivalled only by his passion for hunting. He couldn’t wait to get out in the bush, and he looked forward to spending time at the hunting camps and getting together with the boys after a day in the bush. 

Dougie was a free spirit in the truest sense of the word.  He didn’t appreciate tight guidelines, and he liked to make his own schedule.  He liked to do things his way. He lived to hunt and fish and fish and hunt. 

Then 21 years ago, he met someone that would send his life in a new direction. It was then that he began making frequent trips into Great Shakes in Iroquois for a “coffee”.  There he dazzled a particular little waitress, Karen Fossitt, with  his smooth talking charm.  Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and just the right size for each other, Dougie and Karen were the cutest couple anyone had ever seen.  Karen liked to do the things that Dougie did, and they were together all the time.  

They were married at the United Church in Iroquois in May 2000. 

Not long after they were married, Dougie and Karen purchased their Kelly Road home. Only one thing was missing, and that was their precious Gracie who was born in September 2002. For Dougie, the birth of his beloved Gracie was a life-changing event.

Dougie became a proud father, who loved his baby girl from the minute he laid eyes on her. He loved being with his dear Gracie, and he was proud to tell everyone of her accomplishments and achievements.  

Lately, Dougie had been looking for reliable and steady employment.  He spent some time as a school bus driver and really liked it.  He loved the kids, and the kids loved him.  A few months ago, he got a job with the Municipality of South Dundas.  He was very proud of this, and he was looking forward to the next chapter in his life being stable and enjoyable. But sadly, it was a short chapter.

There are a million stories out there involving Dougie, his family and his many friends, and each time they are retold they will bring back the memory of Dougie, the memory of that twinkle in his eye and that cute little grin.

Dougie was the dearly beloved husband of Karen Fossitt and cherished father to Gracie. He was the loving son of Buddy and Mary Perry and dear brother of Tim (Jennifer), Michael (Kristy) and Melinda (Chris).

He was loving uncle of three nieces and four nephews, and he will be sadly missed by his aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends.

Family and friends said their good byes to Dougie at the Marsden and McLaughlin Funeral home in Iroquois from 2 – 4 p.m. and 7–9 p.m. on Sunday, June 23. The funeral service was held on Monday, June 24, at the United Church in Iroquois. Interment was at Iroquois Point Cemetery.                                      

Donations to a trust for Dougie’s beloved Gracie are gratefully acknowledged by the family.


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