Perspectives by Rev. Sue McCullough


What will I write this time?

Have you ever wondered how those of us who write pieces for the Leader manage to come up with something that might be of interest to the readers? 

I know that I marvel at those who are expected to write weekly. Every time it’s my turn to submit something for Perspectives I ask myself what will I write this time.

Over the past three weeks my mind has been fully occupied with family matters. When I am called to be with a family during a time of trouble or sadness I am always amazed at the peace that I get from God so that I can fully attend to their needs. I have discovered that it is very different when I am in the midst of the family needing to be cared for.

As I searched for the peace, I found only lament – lament for a child who none of us would ever know; lament for those of my family who are so engulfed by the pain and the loss. 

But as I ponder this lament, I realize that it can be a healthy place. It can challenge one’s faith in so many ways.

Look at Job. His lament went on for chapter upon chapter. Yet in the end his faith in God never wavered. 

His friends scorned him, asking him why he would ever continue to have faith in a god who would let such devastation happen. Job never lost sight of God during his time of despair. Job knew that the only way back to health and wholeness would be through the loving grace and mercy of God. 

I know that the same is true for my family. Through the tender mercy of God, we will once again find health and wholeness in the end. 

Our relationship with God will be stronger, and we will be better for it. Our lamentations will lessen as we gain the strength to move forward in our life’s journey and our faith journey. Thanks be to God.

Hmmm. . . .I guess I’ll write about life this time.

Cheers, Sue+

Rev. Sue McCullough

Anglican Parish of 

Morrisburg, Iroquois & 

Riverside Heights.

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