Perspectives by Rev. Janet Evans


God walks with us through the changes

This is the final time that I will write this Perspectives column as the minister of Iroquois United Church. Due to restructuring issues in the United Church of Canada, I find myself saying good-bye to a group of people I cherish and respect.

The past months have been emotionally and physically draining for me. Change is often not a welcome thing, and it has been difficult for me to realize my life will never quite be the way it has been.

Change, however, advents into all of our lives. Our children grow up and move away. Our parents die. We look in the mirror and realize we weigh a little more than we did on our wedding day.

We cannot stop some of the changes that are part of life in the 21st century. Whether you like them or not, computers and other “tech” items are here to stay. 

Churches hold Sunday morning worship services, yet many young people are playing soccer at the very same time. Travel to exotic destinations is a reality for many people.

I think we need to remember that God is walking with us through all the changing seasons of life. When we despair, He can bring hope. When darkness threatens to overwhelm us, Jesus offers us light and love. 

When we are ill, He grants us comfort and when we mourn, He gives us His promise of eternal life in His arms.

God cherishes us and challenges us to follow in the paths He sets  before us.

He asks us to reflect upon the questions: “What does it really mean to live in abundance and to share what we have?” and “how can a little bit of love go a long way to make a difference in our communities and in our world?”

May we pass Christ’s love on to others, may we give thanks that we will never fall out of our Saviour’s compassionate embrace.

We can trust in God–for He continues to shed His grace upon us.

I write this Perspectives Column and say good-bye to my parishioners at Iroquois United Church. I will be staying the area however, and will soon write as part of another congregation. 

Yes, life changes, but God continues to support and sustain us.

Our Creator blesses us and His mercy endures forever! 

Rev. Janet Evans, 

Iroquois United Church


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