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South Dundas Animal Shelter Name:Rusty. Four month old mixed, female puppy. Not neutered. Perhaps collie/lab/boxer mix. Not spayed. Hi folks, my name is Rusty and I am a happy go lucky young puppy looking for a loving forever home where I can grow up to become a family’s beloved best friend. I am a very good sized dog for my age, and I need puppy training asap. I would also need to be spayed in the next few months. I am a large, fun-loving, excitable puppy. Like all young puppies I like to chew and play and jump and play and play and play and play. You know how it is. If you would like more information on Rusty or to meet Rusty, please call Kevin at the South Dundas Animal Shelter for an appointment at 613-543-2980 or 613-913-1476. There is no adoption charge for Rusty but a donation of dog food is sure appreciated by all the boys and girls at the shelter. It is a kind of pay it forward system to help the Shelter care for my buddies while we wait for someone to come and pick us as their new best friend. If you do decide to make an appointment with Kevin to come and meet me, don’t forget to bring along a collar and leash so I  can go home with you. The Shelter has also asked us to try get the message out to everyone that appointments with Kevin to meet our dogs are mandatory…this is a necessary precaution to make sure everyone is safe, both perspective families and the dogs. All persons whether looking for their missing dogs or simply wanting to drop off donations are asked to please call and make arrangements with Kevin before stopping by…again just keeping everyone safe. So remember my name is Rusty….and I am a young lady lookin’ for a new loving home.


South Dundas Animal Rescue Name:Missy.  Border Collie Mix, 2.5 year old female, spayed with shots. Missy. Ah little Missy. Little Missy came to us in the middle of March…a frightened timid little girl who hung her head and shied away from all human contact. She actually shook with fear when we approached. A puppy mill dog, Missy is two years old and now, about 10 weeks since her arrival, she is a wonderful little lady…with lots of energy and agility. She now looks forward to human contact and wants to play. Her little rump wiggles like crazy when she sees a treat coming her way. It is amazing how these dogs respond to a little kindness. We think that Missy thinks she has already found the perfect home at the South Dundas Animal Shelter…where she has a large kennel and gets to go outdoors in the sunshine to roll in the grass. Little does she know that a home and a loving family is going to be even better yet! For awhile Missy did not like enclosed spaces and actually refused to go into the Shelter’s indoor kennel….much preferred the outdoor kennels. She is now getting over this as well. Missy has had puppies, but is now spayed and has all of her shots. She is small for a mid-size dog (30-40 pounds), probably because she had puppies at an early age…but she is agile. She loves to jump, and as the folks at the shelter keep watching…they realize that she reminds you of a Frisbee dog. Missy would need to be house-trained and taught some regular dog manners. She is quite smart and we figure now that she is over her inhibitions…she is really really ready for a loving home. We think anyone who adopts Missy is going to receive endless puppy love and licks….A little sweetheart in need of just one more break….


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