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Welcome Home

If you’ve ever been away somewhere for a long time and come home, you will know what it’s like to have that “Ahh… I’m finally home!” feeling. 

I really enjoy getting away with Sarah, and it’s always nice to visit somewhere different. We have taken different holidays over the years and visited a number of places. Sometimes places that actually aren’t far away at all, but it always feels good to get home.

It was about eight years ago now that we were talking about getting a pet, and a short time later we came home with a little puppy named “Molly”. That puppy grew into a full sized dog. Who would have guessed that was going to happen? 

The joys of that dog besides the walks, picking up the left behinds and finding piles of golden retriever fur everywhere, is that we have a great family friend. 

It didn’t take us long to discover that Molly loved to have us home, and hated to see us leave. When we would leave the house she would sit by the door and wait for our return. 

Naturally, over the years she got used to the idea that if we left, we would soon return. The assurance Molly felt allowed her to live out her day, and do whatever dogs do while everyone is away. 

When we would return from either a day away at work, or even a vacation over a number of days, the response from Molly was always, and has always been the same. She would rush from whatever part of the house she was in, and greet us at the door with her tail wagging her whole body.  You don’t think twice about that greeting, until it doesn’t happen. 

There is something wonderful about being greeted when you arrive at a place and are made feel welcome. 

Sarah and I are thrilled to make our new home in Iroquois.  It didn’t take long for our neighbors to come and give us a warm welcome to our new community. 

Sarah and I have also been blessed by the kindness and love shared by our new church family at Morrisburg Pentecostal Tabernacle (M.P.T.). 

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you to come and visit us on a Sunday morning. When you arrive, I’m sure you’ll be made feel right at home. 

Rev. James Tripp

Morrisburg Pentecostal 



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