Morrisburg waterfront design firm is selected, local connection tips scales


From a field of 10 submissions, Mark Thompson Brandt Architect & Associates has been selected  to complete a pre-feasibility and preliminary design for phase one of the Morrisburg Waterfront Concept Plan.

The successful consultant was selected by an evaluation team consisting of two Morrisburg Community Waterfront Committee members, the Economic Development Officer and South Dundas’ Mayor.

This study will more than eat up the entire $30,000 budget allocated to for the plan.

Because the proposal cost of $29,998 plus $990 in disbursements and HST, which is a little over budget, economic development officer Nicole Sullivan recommended that staff return to the proponent to identify any potential areas of savings. 

If that is not possible, council has given staff the go ahead to transfer some funds from the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee’s park amenities capital budget to cover the difference. 

This proposal includes sub-consulting by Wendy Graham, the landscape architect who has already been involved with the waterfront committee and with the design of the dog park – a factor which the mayor says added a little extra strength giving it good local flavour.

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